My Process for Psychotherapy in London

We Sit, You Talk, and I Listen







What to Expect

 Preliminary Consultation

Please get in touch to schedule an initial online consultation where we can discuss your concerns, and think about what you hope to gain from therapy. I can answer any questions you may have to help you decide. how to move forward. We can then arrange a workable schedule based on resources and availability. This would typically mean one or more sessions per week and can be time-limited or open-ended. Occasionally it's useful for this initial consultation to be longer than the usual fifty-minute session. This can be discussed when you call for psychotherapy in London. 

Psychotherapy in London. Couples therapy, addiction, bereavement, eating disorders and anxiety. Water droplets. 


Psychotherapy in London. Couples therapy, addiction, bereavement, eating disorders and anxiety. Plant cells.


These last for fifty minutes (the therapeutic hour), and the frequency with which we meet will depend on your needs and availability. Regular attendance at the agreed time and place is crucial for the work to be effective. Occasionally, things come up that need to be attended to, in which case I will try to offer you an alternative time for your session that same week, though this may not always be possible.

Each session is unique. It is an engagement, an encounter, a place where together we sit and you are invited to explore your internal world. It is a neutral, safe, confidential space where you can say anything without fear of retaliation or judgement. Generally, I speak if I think it might be helpful. Sometimes for me to say less, is what's most helpful. So, it can in many ways resemble a conversation. Together we can explore and challenge any unhelpful assumptions that you may hold about the world and your place in it, and we can discover new perceptions and ways of thinking that will affect your life in a meaningful and sustainable way.

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What I Can Help You With

Personality and Emotional difficulties

There are a number of reasons you may be seeking therapy :

  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Lack of trust
  • Feeling not good enough
  • Issues to do with intimacy 

Our relationship with ourselves and others is formed by our earliest experiences of others, usually our parents or carers.  Personality and emotional disorders are nearly always linked with these early experiences. Working with me may not resolve the issues completely, but can help ameliorate some of the ongoing difficulties you endure and improve your relationships.

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Psychotherapist in London. Couples therapy. Arguments, intimacy issues and lack of communication. Leaf veins.


Psychotherapist in London. Addiction. Alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs and pornography. Smooth stones on shore.


Has anyone suggested you have a problem with:

  • Alcohol 
  • Gambling
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Exercise

Addictions are often caused by deeply rooted psychological issues and can be self-destructive, and difficult to stop without support. As a Psychotherapist in London, I can help you understand any underlying causes and ongoing drivers to your addiction and support you as you make the positive changes you want in your life. 

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Eating Disorders

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Are you preoccupied with food?
  • Does your weight often fluctuate wildly?
  • Do you take laxatives, exercise excessively or make yourself sick? 

If so, you may have irregular eating patterns, and this can negatively impact your health and your mind. Counselling and psychotherapy can help deal with your food-related psychological issues, and we will be able to look at the reasons for this. We will also examine the underlying fears and anxieties that drive your compulsions.

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Psychotherapist in London. Eating disorders. Preoccupied with food, weight fluctuation, bulimia or anorexia. Cross section.


Psychotherapy in London. Anxiety counselling for the depressed and stressed. Mushrooms growing.



  • Do you have an ongoing non-specific worry?
  • Do you have a disorder or post-traumatic stress related to a specific issue?

Whatever type of anxiety you may have, counselling and psychotherapy can help you. I can help you to understand why this anxiety has arisen. In thinking, talking and understanding the origins of particular anxieties the negative impact can often be ameliorated, leaving you more able to live a more full and less anxious life.

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Get in Touch

These are just some of the issues that I can help you with. If you are struggling to cope with a problem in your life, then please get in touch and we can schedule an informal chat, then decide if counselling and psychotherapy in London is the right choice for you now.